The Top 10 Arizona Breweries To Visit

The Top 10 Arizona Breweries To Visit - 2020-12-03

Over the last three decades, Arizona emerged as a craft beer wonderland. Make sure to visit a few Arizona Breweries the next time you find yourself in the Grand Canyon State.

In this article:

  1. Northern Arizona Breweries

  2. Central Arizona Breweries

  3. Southern Arizona Breweries

Best Arizona Breweries for Adventurous Beer Lovers

Northern Arizona Breweries

Mother Road Brewing Company - Flagstaff

You'll find the taphouse along a lost stretch of The Mother Road, better known as Route 66. The company embodies finding the joy in the adventure and building the community. 

Besides beer, they're passionate about Arizona. For this reason, they partnered with the Arizona Game and Fish Department to help conserve and protect natural resources.  

Enjoy conversations with friends and delicious food that pairs well with their signature and experimental beer alike. You can also read a book from their mini-library or appreciate the patio's view with your four-legged companion.

Wanderlust Brewing Company - Flagstaff

This small brewery creates a range of tasty beers, from farmhouse-style ales to British-inspired darks. You'll even find some more obscure beers, like Finnish Sahti here.

Wanderlust Brewing Company supports local art and features a rotation of artists on their taproom walls. Additionally, they host local musicians regularly.

Check out their calendar for events as well as the food truck schedule.

THAT Brewery - Pine

As you're heading up to the Mogollon Rim, you'll find some of the best craft beer in the state at THAT Brewery.  

The cooler weather is great for darker, amber beers like the Arizona Trail Ale. But, if you prefer blondes, you won't be disappointed by THAT Strawberry Blonde.

You won't leave hungry either. The menu includes the usual pub fare in addition to smokehouse favorites. But, call ahead to check availability because the smokehouse classics sell out fast.

Central Arizona Breweries

Huss Brewing Company - Tempe & Phoenix

If you're looking for some variety, look no further than Huss Brewing Company. The brewery is the brainchild of Jeff and Leah Huss, and between them, they have nearly 30 years of experience in the brewing industry.

While they offer light beers like lager, their dark beers are the most memorable. Try the Coconut Coffee Stout or Rice Pudding Porter.

Sleepy Dog Saloon and Brewery - Mesa

Sleepy Dog combines man's two best friends; dogs and beer. So, you'll never have to drink alone.

In fact, they love dogs so much they name their beers after them and the things they do. Sleepy Dog beers range from the smooth, rich Wet Snout Peanut Butter Stout to the crisp Mexican-style Feisty Chihuahua.

8-Bit Aleworks - Avondale

8-Bit Aleworks offers a truly unique experience. Their taproom combines the nostalgia of arcade games with imaginative brews.

The microbrewery creates big-flavor brews from natural ingredients. Besides classic styles, you'll find inventive flavors, like a chocolaty stout and zesty IPA. 

Enjoy artisanal beers, and get a little nostalgic with friends. Nerd out at this one-of-a-kind brewery and forget you're an adult for the night.

Dubina Brewing Company - Glendale

The family-owned brewery brings a European feel to the valley with crafted beers and locally sourced ingredients. You'll find bratwurst, grilled cheese, and fried pickles, amongst other dishes on their menu. 

Though they serve wine, beer is in their blood, and their Czech heritage shows through rotating and seasonal brews. Favorites include the IPA Blood Orange Bell Road and their blueberry wheat Boys in Blue.

SanTan Brewing Company - Chandler

SanTan Brewing Company is all about creating craft food and drink. As a result, SanTan Brewing Company has gained a reputation as one of Arizona's best breweries.  

Their love for beer evolved into distilling spirits with unique flavors. So, quench your thirst with a handcrafted ale or try one of the whiskeys, gins, or other spirits they have on offer.

Southern Arizona Breweries

Prison Hill Brewing Co. - Yuma

You'll expect scorching heat and dusty vistas in the southwestern corner of Arizona. What you don't expect is a world-class brewery, but that's what you'll find. 

Prison Hill Brewing Co. is less than half a mile away from the old West's infamous territorial prison. Their handcraft beer ranges from the light Jailbait Blonde to the Girl Scout Stout. Meaning there's a beer for every taste.

They also serve tasty pub grub to complement their in-house beer creations.

Barrio Brewing Co. - Tucson

Dennis and Tauna Arnold were some of the craft beer pioneers in Tucson. Now, almost three decades later, they're still brewing beer, and Barrio Blonde is Arizona's longest continuously brewed beer.

In addition to their signature beers, they offer seasonal brews in the old converted warehouse in the industrial downtown area. The Barrio also serves a full lineup of pub grub. So, make sure you come hungry.

On top of great food and thirst-quenching beer, Barrio is a dog-friendly establishment. As such, they offer bowls and treats for their furry guests. 

With so many Arizona breweries to choose from, it's hard to ignore the lure of stouts, ales, and pilsners. So, instead of resisting the brew, make your next adventure a hoppy one.

The Best 10 Arizona National Parks

The Best 10 Arizona National Parks - 2020-12-03

Arizona is not just desert -- lush, rolling fields of grain and red rocks towering into the sky make up a lot of the state as well. In fact, Arizona national parks are some of the greatest examples of rustic desert beauty in the entire world. Here are 10 of our favorites, with an emphasis placed on diversity.

Note that not all of these are technically national parks -- some of them are national forests or wildlife preserves.

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In This Article:

  1. The Grand Canyon

  2. Monument Valley Navajo Park

  3. Coconino National Forest

  4. Saguaro National Park

  5. Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

  6. Tumacacori National Historical Park

  7. Petrified Forest National Park

  8. Glen Canyon Recreation Area

  9. Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

  10. Wupatki National Monument

The Grand Canyon (Far North Of Flagstaff)

Alright, let’s get it out of the way first: the most famous national park in the incorporated universe. The Grand Canyon is, of course, absolutely stunning, and its majesty will appeal to anyone no matter what type of person they are.

What most non-Arizonans don’t realize is how big the canyon is. In fact, it’s actually divided into two “rims” that are a five-hour drive apart because of how long the canyon is.

  • The south rim is more family-friendly. You can drive your car to most of it and the walking terrain is not as treacherous.

  • The north rim is rockier and less developed than the south. It’s more rustic and peaceful, but you’ll have to put on your hiking boots because it’s nowhere near car-friendly. It’s also a lot colder and can get snow.

Monument Valley Navajo Park (At The Northeastern Arizona Border)

These gigantic sacred grounds where members of the Navajo Native American tribe go to pray is the definition of red rock desert splendor. The endless sagebrush-dotted landscape is peppered with natural stone monoliths that stretch into the sky. It gives off an alien feel you can’t find anywhere else in America.

The grounds contain a few hiking trails and the rest is accessible by car. Be aware, though, that the landscape is pretty rugged and some cars might not be able to traverse it. The mechanics at the visitor center can help you determine if your ride is up to the task.

Remember that the land is holy to some, so please familiarize yourself with that before you visit out of respect.

Coconino National Forest (Near Flagstaff)

Like we said, not all of Arizona is desert. Coconino is one of six national forests in the state. It’s one of the most ecologically diverse areas in the US, and it has too many caves, fishing holes, mountains, and hidden groves to visit even if you camped there for a month. Some of the highlights include:

  • Elden Pueblo Archaeological Site

  • Fossil Creek

  • Palatki Heritage Site

  • Oak Creek Canyon

  • Cinder Lakes Apollo Training Area

  • Lava River Cave

  • V Bar V Heritage Site

Saguaro National Park (Near Tuscon)

The Saguaro Cactus is the symbol of Arizona wilderness and arguably the entirety of the American Southwest, so visiting a huge desert dotted with millions of them (plus over two dozen other species of cactus) is an iconic Arizona experience.

The park is a hiker’s paradise, with over 150 miles of flat(ish) trails. All of them are accessible by car, too, although the park is so large that you shouldn’t expect drivers to constantly disturb the quiet wilderness setting.

Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge (Runs Through The Middle Of The State)

The refuge contains a massive amount of ecosystems, including the rare willow and cottonwood forests. Such a diverse range of greenery, aquatic biomes, and desert landscapes supports a huge range of wildlife, from bobcats to beavers to South American birds on vacation.

Tumacacori National Historical Park (Near Nogales)

Spanish settlements with adobe churches are the main attractions at Tumacacori. It will really appeal to history buffs who want a feel for Arizona’s colorful colonial history. The red brick buildings are in pretty good shape, and they really give off a feel of what life in Arizona may have been like hundreds of years ago.

Petrified Forest National Park (Near Sun Valley)

This forest used to be green, but it’s now grey, rocky badlands dotted with colorful petrified trees. It’s a fairly unique landscape type for Arizona, and it offers tranquility you can’t find elsewhere.

Glen Canyon Recreation Area (In Page)

Red Rock formations line the enormous and undisturbed body of water known as Lake Powell in this gigantic recreation area. There are so many isolated places, from desert mesas to picturesque fishing holes, that you can explore on your own or with a tour.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (Near Yuma)

The main attraction at Kofa is the Bighorn Sheep, which has nearly gone extinct everywhere else. They’re amazing creatures, and kids will be endlessly fascinated with how they can scale cliff faces with seemingly impossible ease.

Kofa also has a lot of history, what with all the nearby abandoned mines. It’s a good place for people who love wildlife and old western culture.

Wupatki National Monument (Near Flagstaff)

Wupatki is Arizona’s best area for seeing ancient Native American settlements that have been preserved relatively well. You of course won’t get them, essentially, 100%-preserved buildings of Tumacacori, but it’s a fascinating glimpse into a culture long past.

Arizona’s National Parks are so numerous and so diverse that you would have to dedicate an entire lifetime to explore them all. Hopefully, this quick guide helps you narrow down which ones you’d like to explore.